Rafael Nascimento

Graphic designer and Creative Director specialized in branding.

15+ years of experience working as an art director in advertising agencies, as well as freelancing on branding, illustration and typography projects; my personal portfolio ranges from experimental music to corporate identity and interface design, I like to keep it as diverse as possible. From 2015–2020 I have also worked as Creative Manager (LATAM) for consumer products at Cartoon Network and Warner Bros.

Diretor de Criação e Designer gráfico com especialização em branding.

Tenho mais de 15 anos de experiência trabalhando como diretor de arte em agências de publicidade, assim como freelancer para projetos de branding, ilustração e tipografia. Meu portfólio pessoal varia de música experimental a identidade corporativa e design de interface, gosto de mantê-lo o mais diverso possível. Entre 2015 e 2020 trabalhei como Gerente Criativo (LATAM) para produtos de consumo no Cartoon Network e Warner Bros.


“And how can we expect anyone to listen if we are using the same old voice?”
Thank you.


Editora Abril
Rede Globo
Mostra de Cinema SP
MAM São Paulo
Burger King


Commissioned works


Sinewave is a Brazilian music label for experimental and instrumental bands born in 2008. Its main mission was to create a streaming platform that would aggregate bands of these styles, and whose sounds would have synergy. After 10 years of existence, with a considerable history of festivals and curatorships held for events, it was time for Sinewave to reposition and visually redesign its brand in order to take on new flights and target new opportunities within the independent music market.
A project of contrasts for wandering music-making, the rebranding and visual identity for Sinewave – bringing together the aspirations of an active online community madly in love with authentic music – moves between paths of visual experimentation and real life challenges.

Despite Sinewave’s avant-garde aspect of foreseeing different modes of music distribution, the brand lacked professional communication planning, clear positioning, and consistent visual identity. From the definition of the problems and challenges facing the brand, began a research of mapping the context of operation and cultural and visual references, as well as possible strategies for the design approach. Overcoming the repetitions and formulas of designer-client relationships was also a problem presented, treated with a more collaborative and inclusive approach.

  • Client: Sinewave
  • Ag.:
  • Year: 2019


Identity and graphic design for electronic music nomad event MANIVA.

Inspired by the clash of amazonian rhythms and visuals and urban culture, events held in São Paulo and Taipei.

  • Client: Maniva
  • Ag.:
  • Year: 2019

Sumano typeface

The Sumano typography was initially an adaptation of the logo of my longtime friend DJ Sumano, which ended up taking on an identity aspect of his musical project. Embracing the influence of Northern Brazil with urban electronics, as well as in his musical and audiovisual experiences, the typeface is a mixture of the artist’s cultural references and an invitation to graphic experimentation.

More about the artist:

  • Client: DJ Sumano
  • Ag.:
  • Year: 2020


Illustration for online magazine Norient, inspired by an article written abot Lusofonia, a transnational musical movement bringing together popular and traditional musics of the Portuguese-speaking world. The article shows how the idea of «lusofonia» as a discursive concept is used by culture politics in Portugal today and how discourses of Atlantic roots and routes in lusophone popular music are presented in the documentary.

  • Client: Norient Magazine
  • Ag.:
  • Year: 2019

Dead Fish Store Concept

Visual concepts for Branding and products from the Dead Fish band online store. Two proposals were developed based on the band’s cultural references: hardcore punk from the 80’s and 90’s and Soviet graphic design.

  • Client: Dead Fish
  • Ag.:
  • Year: 2019

Estúdio Palma

Visual identity for fine art print studio Estudio Palma.

  • Client:
  • Ag.:
  • Year: 2017

Herod plays Kraftwerk

Album cover for brazilian post-rock band Herod. Listen and learn more about the tribute album here.

  • Client: Herod
  • Ag.:
  • Year: 2017

Astrology Kids

Kids-based astrology app. Illustrations by Arthur de Pádua. More about the project here.

  • Client: Webcore
  • Ag.: Webcore
  • Year: 2015

Fazer Chover em SP

Interactive installation based around the idea of the severe drought São Paulo experienced in 2015. A rain dance game was developed to raise awareness to the theme as well as citizenship. The result was projected in FIESP building, right in the middle of Avenida Paulista in real time. More about the project here.

  • Client: FIESP
  • Ag.: Webcore
  • Year: 2015


Video for the doom metal band Jupiterian all made of archive footage and psychedelic induced graphics. Check the full video here.

  • Client:
  • Ag.:
  • Year: 2015