Rafael Nascimento

Graphic designer and Creative Director specialized in branding.

15+ years of experience working as an art director in advertising agencies, as well as freelancing on branding, illustration and typography projects; my personal portfolio ranges from experimental music to corporate identity and interface design, I like to keep it as diverse as possible. From 2015–2020 I have also worked as Creative Manager (LATAM) for consumer products at Cartoon Network and Warner Bros.

Diretor de Criação e Designer gráfico com especialização em branding.

Tenho mais de 15 anos de experiência trabalhando como diretor de arte em agências de publicidade, assim como freelancer para projetos de branding, ilustração e tipografia. Meu portfólio pessoal varia de música experimental a identidade corporativa e design de interface, gosto de mantê-lo o mais diverso possível. Entre 2015 e 2020 trabalhei como Gerente Criativo (LATAM) para produtos de consumo no Cartoon Network e Warner Bros.


“And how can we expect anyone to listen if we are using the same old voice?”
Thank you.


Editora Abril
Rede Globo
Mostra de Cinema SP
MAM São Paulo
Burger King


Personal works

Type + Music

Series of posters inspired by my passion for both music and typography. Edition of 100 each, Risograph prints on 90g Polen paper.

  • Year: 2019


Sinewave is a Brazilian music label for experimental and instrumental bands born in 2008. Its main mission was to create a streaming platform that would aggregate bands of these styles, and whose sounds would have synergy. After 10 years of existence, with a considerable history of festivals and curatorships held for events, it was time for Sinewave to reposition and visually redesign its brand in order to take on new flights and target new opportunities within the independent music market.
A project of contrasts for wandering music-making, the rebranding and visual identity for Sinewave – bringing together the aspirations of an active online community madly in love with authentic music – moves between paths of visual experimentation and real life challenges.

Despite Sinewave’s avant-garde aspect of foreseeing different modes of music distribution, the brand lacked professional communication planning, clear positioning, and consistent visual identity. From the definition of the problems and challenges facing the brand, began a research of mapping the context of operation and cultural and visual references, as well as possible strategies for the design approach. Overcoming the repetitions and formulas of designer-client relationships was also a problem presented, treated with a more collaborative and inclusive approach.

  • Client: Sinewave
  • Ag.:
  • Year: 2019


REFUSE is a typeface inspired by the challenges and contradictions of our times. Its use is open source, which means that you can change and create your own version expanding it as you wish. It can and should be used as a matrix for large size stencils – preferably as a resistance tool.
The design profession is still very elitist and has become “politically neutral” in the system in which it operates, as well as other activities considered to be technical in the context of capitalism. It is important to highlight the role of social communicators as agents of transformation so that this does not make us mere gears within the social and economic logic in which we live.

REFUSE is also a tribute to so many anonymous people who have built the language of protest over time, my musical and visual influences that now help to reflect and continue on this journey.

The font is shared under an open OFL license, download it here.


  • Year: 2020

American Hardcore

I started this project as a visual mixtape/homage to the bands that influenced me over the years, in style and ideology. It took shape as designs based on the songs I relate to the most.

The american punk breed (Bad Brains, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Gorilla Biscuits, Agnostic Front, etc.), specially that of the 80s and 90s, left a very wide and strong legacy, seen even today in a variety of cultural activities. Each city has or had its particular scene and the traffic between bands and tours ended up mixing and spreading this whole movement beyond US borders. And so across time, as some of these bands were short-lived or had an explosive creative apex, their music and ideas remaining strong today.

For me, besides listening to these songs for as long as I can remember, their ethos and ideology were equally remarkable. The fact that people were producing and promoting their art and music in such an independent way, apart from any kind of mainstream acceptance or endorsement, makes more and more sense these days and is something I constantly seek in my own work.

This was also one of those shelved personal projects until an opportunity came to bring them to life in a stencil live session. I’ll keep adding new designs and pictures from the eventual results here.

  • Year: 2015

Input font tribute

A fictional book cover/poster designed as a homage to the great type design of Input, a code font by David Jonathan Ross. This was part of a study in open type features, conducted by the great Crystian Cruz.

  • Year: 2014


Mobile application for converting images into old-school videogame palettes. My design and concept, developed by Webcore. More info here.

  • Year: 2012

Type Design

10 years or so of sketching typefaces around came to a very pleasant closure in meeting Fontstruct, an online, modular-based font editor. All fonts are available for free download under a non-commercial use license here.

  • Year: 2002-2014


Since 2009 I have been responsible for the visual parts of the low-tech electronic/experimental/chip music collective and label Chippanze, designing everything from flyers to cover artworks and printed matter.

  • Year: 2009-2014

Wallpapers & Mixtapes

Every now and then I create some personal artwork accompanied with a mixtape to celebrate this very portfolio updates and try to illustrate where my head is at said moments. You can check them all out (downloads included) here.

  • Year: 2002-2014

Escaphandro Identity

It took me a while to get my own logo and identity system to a final version, so here is the process behind it, referencing 60’s and 70’s diving companies and corporate logos to achieve a psychedelic “go deeper into yourself” vibe.

  • Year: 2002-2014